fraqtir™ technology effectively applies light emitting diodes (LEDs), and the principles of refraction and total internal reflection (TIR) to create a sustainable “green technology” ideal for uniformly illuminating surfaces from one edge — catapulting The Lighting Quotient into the next generation of luminaire solutions at light speed.


The Optic

The precision molded fraqtir optic, constructed of high temperature, water-clear, optical grade, U.V. resistant acrylic, channels and distributes light efficiently from an array of the most advanced LUXEON LEDs from Philips Lumileds — maximizing the illumination while minimizing glare and spill light. fraqtir’s extruded aluminum heat sink housing allows for optimal thermal performance in a slim profile design — maximizing LED life and lumen maintenance.


Ease of Use

All fraqtir light engines are easily removable and field serviceable for replacement or future upgrades. The snap-in impact resistant lens protects the circuit board and cleans easily. Patented interlocking and aiming details allow continuous rows to be aimed as one and permanently locked.



Remote drivers are available in universal voltage input with optional dimming and multichannel drivers operating up to four luminaires are also available. Integral occupancy and daylight sensor options are also available to achieve further energy savings.



fraqtir not only delivers the even wash of light across an architectural plane the industry has come to know The Lighting Quotient for, this new technology adds the benefit of contributing to LEED certification in Energy and Atmosphere, Sustainable Sites, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation.